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RFMOBI Solutions has own methodology and solutions for all stages of the asset inventory.


It consists of information gathering (diagnosis of the current situation), analysis of needs and definition of work planning based on contracted services.


Checks the physical existence of the assets and identifies the assets with equity labels.


Analysis of the accounting base of fixed assets, analysis of balances with the balance sheet, standardization of descriptions and invoice openings (accounting reconstitution - if necessary).


The physical vs. accounting reconciliation process is aimed at verifying whether the assets found physically are accounted for and whether the assets accounted for exist physically and are operationally active.


Eliminates the accounting leftovers and physical leftovers, analyzing case by case the causes and seeking solutions.


Review of the rules to control the movement of assets, immobilization processes, movements and demobilization of assets in order to ensure the maintenance of the control of fixed assets.



The RFMOBI Solutions Mobile Asset Valuation service has the final result of the Content Asset Valuation Report that aims to determine the market value / fair value / net value of the sale according to the purpose of the appraisal (accounting, insurance , guarantees, commercial operations).


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Consulting RFid
Development and Solutions Rfid
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RFID Consulting


Selection and training processes that ensure the allocation of the best talent. Qualified with international titles, we bring all IoT 4.0 concept to your company.

Development of Rfid solutions


Management and structure of RFID. We are looking for intelligent solutions with great relation cost x benefit.

RFID Hardware, Middleware and Supplies


We provide not only the best but the most suitable equipment for your project. We integrate with your WMS or ERP system via Cloud Service or Client Server. We provide customized or market TAGs through our own graphics.

Tag RFid
Tag RFid
We offer solutions focused on return on investment.
Serviço de Cloud ou Cliente Servidor de RFid
Desenvolvimento de Apps RFid - Inventário, Logístico, Monitoramento e controle
Desenvolvemos softwares, middlewares e integrações ERP ou WMS
RFID Cloud Computing


To provide easy access, simple and inexpensive. Technical and financial performance in its use. We use IoT concepts for companies in their various segments

RFid Apps Development


We develop mobile applications with a team specializing in UX and beasts in Design. Performance and Usability in asset management, inventory, inventory or monitoring

Software development


We develop software, middleware and integrations with the most varied ERPs in the market. Inventory, Inventory, Retail and Monitoring

Coletor RFid e Sistema de controle para Estoque, Inventario e monitoramento
RFID Vehicle Tracking System
  • Passive RFID Tag (Mirrors or Windshield)

Dealer Management Systems uses passive RFID tags affixed to cars to let dealerships identify, locate and track vehicle   inventory and their customer’s cars throughout their facilities.

  • Car Tracking & Dealerships – RTLS – Real Time Location System

The active RFID System to track the location of each car in the lot at any time. In addition, our advanced  technology can automatically check  cars into and out of the lot in real time.

  • RFID Tablet Inventory System

A traceability system that uses passive RFID technology to provide an eficcient inventory.

  • Drone Inventory System

The same Inventory system could be counted by a drone within a matter of minutes.

RFID Vehicle Tracking System


RFID Vehicle Service System

Deploying RFID tracking throughout your business in key places can:


  • RFID tracking provides real-time tracking.
  • Provide real-time data and analytics of process flow and inventory.
  • Reduce labor and cost associated with manual tracking techniques.
  • Eliminate human error and discrepancies.
  • Locate vehicles within zones around your store
  • Be automatically notified of arriving guests
  • Low cost price of installation and maintenance.
  • A tag will be encoded with the vehicle and owner identity, it gives check-in and check-out control.

Car Tracking & Dealerships

RTLS – Real Time Location System


RTls Car Tracking & Dealerships
  • Use active RFID technology to track the location of each car in the lot at any time. In addition, our advanced RFID technology can automatically check cars into and out of the lot in real time.


  • The systems include: total visibility of all cars in the lot, facilitate just-in-time delivery of cars as they are needed, allow inventory of less popular cars to be reduced, full inventory history of cars at each location, full control of inventory content and location for cars in the facility, automatic notification when a car enters or leaves the lot, alarm when a car disappears from inventory and eliminate manual record keeping, thereby increasing accuracy and staff productivity.


  • The diagram illustrates how a car lot can be monitored in real time with active RFID readers placed such that the entire auto yard is covered. Each vehicle is equipped with an active RFID tag or transponder that can be set communicate with the reader network and report on location and movement. Asset Tracking Rfmobi software can report on actual location and also gather historic movement information.

RFID Tablet Inventory System

RFID Tablet Inventory System

A traceability system that uses passive RFID technology to provide an eficcient inventory. The same system also provides real-time visibility of vehicles as they move through inventory processes. The system specifically implements passive UHF RFID technology and works in tandem with GPS technology to provide real-time “last seen” location data on target vehicles..

Using Drones and RFID to Track Inventory

Using Drones and RFID to Track Inventory

Rfmobi Technology Services provides bespoke solutions by integrating Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAS) and auto-ID technologies.