Visitor Management System

The Solution

Smooth and secure flow of traffic


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The system offers pre-clearance, as well as a pre-announced visitor access procedure, with full identification through a driver's license and car license scanning. The Visitor Management Software has a complete view of visitor actions through its administrative backend.


Our rfmobi Visitor Management Software delivers innovative identification for visitor and contractor. This is a reliable management tools for communities looking to rapidly register guests and increase its security.
The identification of visitors to the community is managed directly through the member’s mobile application, integrated into a scanner application used by the guards at the gate(s) of the community.
Visitor check-in easy and efficient
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Gated Commuities Manager

Pre-Registration of Visitors
Residents create a list of permanent visitors allowed access without a call from Security.
Add temporary visitors for date specified; removed from list after duration expires; Security will call for re-authorization
Residents receive visitor notification anywhere using their mobile app, or on the web.
Track visitor history by date and time, which allows remote visibility into contractor and vendor arrivals.
Can activate condo security with the emergency button.


Pre-Registration of Visitors
System’s Key benefits


System’s Key benefits
  1. Reduce waiting time and queue at the gate.
  2. Keep Personnel safe by maintaining social distance.
  3. Control access to community and amenities.
  4. Log detailed audit trails in order to reduce liability.
  5. Operates multiple sites, entrances, and panels from any devices.
  6. State of the art visitor check-in with 100% accuracy.
  7. No capital investment.
  8. Complete mobile visitor management solution.
  9. Avoid paper logs and expensive hardware.
  10. Offers immediate arrival notification.
  11. Enhance security, protect property values, and provide peace-of-mind.
  12. Operates even when network connectivity is lost.
  13. Connects residents directly to your security team.

Administrator and Report


Our Access Control delivers innovative and scalable tools that allow communities and property management companies to manage and monitor all access control activity through an easy-to-use web portal.


A report with the complete history of visiting guests and community properties’ is available for Total Recall Reporting including visitation date, time, name of guest, contractors, and their employees.


Total Recall Reporting
List of Features
  • Pre-Registration of Visitors
  • Screen & Validate Visitors
  • Guest Passes - QR Code Passes for Smart Phones
  • Manage Visitor Permission Levels 
  • Email Visitor Passes in Advance
  • Recurring Visitor Schedules
  • Visitor Arrival Notifications
  • Visitor, Incident & Security Logs
  • Real Time Paperless Reporting
  • Resident Data Management
  • Roaming Patrol Tablets
  • Visitor Transaction Log
  • Guest History Reports
  • Comprehensive Resident Profile
  • Contractor Entry & Exit Tracking
  • Contractor Revenue Tracking
  • Manage Multiple Properties
  • Manage Multiple Properties
  • Email Event Notification
  • Full Service Credential Management
  • Text & Email Notifications
  • Manage Personal Information
  • Real Time Updates
  • Tiered Administration
  • Remotely Updates System 
  • SSL Encryption
  • Single Sign on for Administrators




Self-Serve Kiosks

Driver's License Reader

Barcode Readers 

Track Access in Real Time

Mobile App Visitor Tracking