Solutions RFID: Consulting, Projects, Systems, Hardware, Software and Tags.

Technology as a potential to help revolutionize your business. Deployment, development and support for you.


What we do?


Consulting, development, deployment, monitoring, project management and sales of hardware, middleware, systems and supplies with RF technology for the all application.


Innovation for the control, tracking and tracking of assets, stocks, people, vehicles and containers with customizable middleware, software, hardware and supplies.


Consulting for the implementation of RFID and  ROI - Return of investment

Security Solutions RFid
Secure Solutions

All done with great caution, organization and extreme security.

Systems RFid cloud computing or client server
Cloud Computing


To provide easy access,
is simple and cheap.

Suport solutions for RFid
Immediate Support


Time ready to help you quickly and efficiently.

Consultoria, Projetos, Sistemas, Hardware, Software e Tag.

Consulting, Projects, Systems, Hardware, Software and Tag.


Need to customize your processes?
We can assist in the management and maintenance of their digital resources.



Development, deployment and management


Logistics projects with the development, deployment and maintenance of the entire end-to-end process


Asset inventory with mobile data collectors and RFID tag reader. Complete solution to implement RFID heritage control, including the provision and placement of RFID tags, physical and accounting reconciliation, sanitation of physical and accounting records and valuation of assets

Software, Middleware and Hardware


Implementation, maintenance and support of Inventory, Inventory, and Logistics Control System



We support and assist users with varying problems with RFID technology.

Custom RFID tag


We develop transponders (tags), special for your need.