We have been growing for more than 10 years in the RF segment

Gestão com RFid - Inventario físico, Gestão logística, Monitoramento e Controle de pessoal
For more than 10 years, rfmobi solutions has been growing in the market, always focused on delivering high quality solutions to our customers. We are always aware of the new technologies and tools available in the market so that we can use them in the best way in our company to achieve satisfactory results.
Here, we aim at production, storage, transmission, access, security and use of information. In general, we have been able to provide a collection of information resources about your organization, its users, and the management that oversees it, including the IT infrastructure and all other information systems of a company.
We offer projects focused on return on investment.
Consultoria em RFid - Desenvolvimento, Cálculo de ROI e Payback


RFID Consulting for Active or Passive Tag - ROI

Projetos específicos em RFid - Indústria, Comércio, Órgãos Públicos, Agronegócio e de Fomento


Projects and Solutions with End-to-End RFID Technology Without Third Party Interference

Implantação de solução RFid


Implantation of logistical, patrimonial and monitoring projects

Gestão logística com RFid





Our services, apart from being of quality, are made in a differentiated way from the others for better satifação of the clients.


Elaboration of the complementary plans to the Project Plan. All 10 areas of knowledge according to the PMBOK are considered: integration, scope, time, cost, quality, human resources, communication, risks, acquisitions and stakeholders.


The control solution using RFID technology includes all the necessary steps for the implementation of the complete end-to-end non-outsourced RFID system with ISO quality AfixCode Group standard.